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You can now read arc 1 of 'IBYKS A Reckless Retcon' here on the site, with updates are arc 2 appearing on our Patreon, along with Chapters of our Footloose follow up 'What Keti did Next'. Currently on Patreon comics are running a week ahead of updates here as well so if you like being the first to see our work, head on over! There's also exclusive art and downloads, early access to comics, Q&A sessions with characters, original scripts, short stories and more!

Welcome to 2019 folks! On the cards this year is the second edition print of Footloose volume one, which will be echoes online but also have some new exclusive art in it. We'll be updating vol 2 as well but the printed edition of that will have to wait a while. We're also thinking about artbooks this year or possibly an anthology of ally's work? We'll keep you posted.

Conventions 2019
MCM London May
MCM Mnachester
MCM London October
Thought Bubble? (we haven't done this one for a year or so but its such a nice scene)

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