Volume 1: a Foolish Faerietale

Episode #40 "Events concluding those that preceded- who are we and what were we trying to achieve anyway?" By Emily

* A short delve into the mind of the grownups in the restaurant, who had finished trying to kill each other by now…*

Barry; Oh no! What if my breath smells, better chew some more gum…
Red; I've kissed so much gum I'm all minty fresh! [OK, you know by now that I was an ill woman.][ Haha, I MOCK you!!!]
Elf; La, la, I think I shall compose a song for my love the Faerie queen! [Sticking with men you invented/stole from films s a much better plan you see.]
Cabbage; *Aloud* Does anyone like Dragonball Z?
Elf; Oh it's so infantile.
Cabbage; *Claps Hands* Yay!
* * *
* Back to the plot of the plot variety* [A nod to Rich, who came up with the phrase, 'Did you mean left of the left variety?' when Lil was giving him wrong directions in a car]
From the bottom of the pit came Beansprout's voice. "Okay, what have we got? For purposes of recall and planning. Because being in a pit is not good."
"The Thing for the purpose of Yadayah, although we know not what it does or how it works," said Flibbage.
"Weapons and gadgetry expert, a guy who is half-werewolf, a faery with magical powers and the bearer of the above mentioned Thing."
"We had a spaceship, but we broke it. Twice."
"A whole load of information about media and narrative that no-one understands but me."
"We have the knowledge that you fancy Y-"
"Shut up! Now!"
"Just trying to help, not that anyone appreciates me mumble, mumble…"
"We are in a PIT! Hello?!" said Yakky.
"Yeah!" said J [Can't we just kill him; it would be the kind thing to do][NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!]
"I can't even remember what we're so damned angry about anyway-" mused Flibbage as she hummed the intro to Fame.
"NGSPIB killed my Mum!" said Yakky, "No wait, that was J."
"NGSPIB killed all of us!" said Flibbage, "No wait, that was your mum." [LOL]
"NGSPIB thought I was a crappy agent," said J, "N-yup that was definitely them."
"We all think you're a crappy agent," Beansprout said witheringly, "shall we try to get out of the hole now?"
"Good plan."
Just then some random NGSPIB agents leaned over the side of the pit and tried to grab the sword of Slayskull with a comedy grabby-arm device, much in the style of certain useless children's anime villainous duos with feline sidekicks that talk.
"Oh come on." Said Beansprout sarcastically, moving her arm from side to side in an effort to avoid the useless grabby-arm device. The sword, in an unlikely event, glowed momentarily blue and caused every screw in the device to come loose [or 'unlock', terrible yes I know…][ you've made better puns] and the whole thing fell apart.
"Gah! And we would have got away with it, if it wasn't for you damn kids!" said the NGSPIB agents before running away. [They're conveniently pathetic in this episode, aren't they? ] [That's because I was ripping off skanky children's anime duh! All we need is a little girl in a stupid costume with magical powers and we're all set.]
"Well folk me!" said Beansprout, "It did something useful for once!" Flibbage carefully took the sword from her and struck an Inu-Yasha important-plot-development pose.
"Could it be that Sprout has accessed the true power of the Sword of Slayskull for the first time? Perhaps the key [pun!] [ Quiet now] to its magic lies in the power of sarcasm..?"
"We are STILL in the HOLE." J added, ruining the effect.

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