Volume 1: a Foolish Faerietale
´╗┐Episode #6: "Cablim Gets a Nasty Surprise." By Emily 

Somewhere in the windswept wastes of Nepal [Nepal Visit #1. Yes I am going to count.]
There was a small 'pop!' and a bright flash as three six-inch figures appeared in midair amongst a herd of yaks. The yaks were terrified, and fled causing mass destruction in their wake. Simultaneously two of the three figures present realized they had no wings and fell quite painfully onto the ground before returning to their proper size. Flibbage gave another Prozac-esque giggle, but now things were back in proportion she wasn't so loud and annoying, so no-one minded much.
"Ow." said Yakky , firm in the belief that he wasn't going to go a whole episode without speaking again. Beansprout scowled because it could be considered insulting that her name was mentioned last, when she was the primary protagonist in the narrative, but she decided to let it slide.
"Right! Lost Temple, here we come!" she cried rearranging her crumpled clothes, backpack, laptop and machine gun and heading off in no particular direction.
[Aha, this is the episode where Beansprout wanders off and everyone talks.][A fair bit of D'Spring is like that...]
"Does she actually know where to go?" asked Yakky nervously.
"I doubt it very much" said Flibbage. "Don't you? I mean, this is your homeland."
"Nepal is big." He replied, and thought about how very big and empty it was, and how cold it got at night. Then he considered the flimsy nature of the clothes they were wearing, it was not a good thought.
"Hmmm..." said Flibbage thoughtfully, and then suddenly brightened. She dug about in her faery pockets. Yakky paid close attention, hoping she was finding her 'Warm house and lots of snug clothing' spell. However what she came up with was actually a largish pink beetle squashed into a very small bottle.
"Heheheh." said Flibbage retreating into her own little world. "Well, well my dear Cablim. Lets see how you like being a BONZAI bug eh? That'll show you, you nasty little mushroom headed-" she paused. Little gold sparks were erupting around the cork of the bottle, which quickly popped out.
"I think you forgot" added Yakky reproachfully, "about faery dust wearing off in the real world." [That only applies to faeries in training, by the way, full faeries can cast spells whenever and wherever they please´┐Żand why? Because faeries are BAD-ASS!]
"Ah." said Flibbage.
Something was happening to the bug in the bottle. It was slowly squeezing like toothpaste out of the neck. With another small 'pop!' it shot out and hung briefly in the air before turning into another six inch fairy. It was a boy, about the same age as Flibbage. He was not pleased.
"I'll get you for this Flibbage! I'll you into a-" he paused and took in his surroundings. "Ohno. Ohnonononono!!! Not the mortal realm Flib? Please tell me I'm not in the mortal realm?"
"Hah! You're in the mortal realm!"
"Argh! Man! I hate this place! It sucks! Send me back!" For added effect he kicked Yakky in the elbow.
"Ow!" said Yakky for the second time. "Why don't you send yourself back?"
"Because Cabbage cast a law saying male faeries can only make their magic work in the Realm because they cause too much trouble in the real world. This is of course, because men are stupid." Flibbage nearly split her sides laughing. "He had to put me in a sealed bottle to get rid of me!"
[Oh Lord, I'd forgotten the old IBYKS inverse sexism...][yeah, because take out all the 'stupid man' jokes and you might even be forced to think up some original punchlines...]
[25-year-old Ally here. Em and I wrote this story when we were 15 and 16 respectively, and we thought "LOL STOOPID MENZ" was funny. We don't think that any more, and we don't make those jokes any more either.]"Well I guess he'll have to stick with us for now."
"Damn damn damn damn!" said Cablim and kicked Yakky again. Yakky, having no fear of a magic-less faery, flicked him away.
"Come on!" shouted Beansprout from a very long way off. "We have temples to find! Yaks to defeat! Et cetera! Hurry up!" Then she became very angry as she realized that it was the end of the episode already [Because my hand is tired] and she had been completely superfluous. Yakky, Flibbage and the newly added Cablim raced (or buzzed) to catch up and received a sound ass-kicking for stealing her thunder.



WILL[- Ahh who cares, my hand is now really tired, if you don't find this funny I'll get mad]


WHATEVER YOU ARE...HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH['In the heart of Transylvania, in the Vampire Hall of Fame yeah']

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