Volume 1: a Foolish Faerietale

Episode#2 "Enter the Token Bloke."
Episode#3 "Stop Silicon Valley, I want to Get Off!."
Episode#4 "Faery Frolics and Fun with a Prophecy."
Episode#5 "The Loco Journeys."
Episode#6 "Cablim gets a Nasty Surprise."
Episode#7 "Beandiana Jones and the Temple of Choom."
Episode#8 "Oddball's Odd Behaviour."

Volume 2: Til Death do us Part

Episode#9 "Happy Birthday, Sweet Fifteen."
Episode#10 "The Sprout Sense."
Episode#11 "Four Funerals and another Funeral.
Episode#12 "Misty Water Colour Spirit Realm...."
Episode#13 "Interview with a Vampire Slayer."
Episode#14 "Ra-Ra-Rasputin!"

Volume 3: Space Opera

Episode#15 "Now the Thugs don't Work..."
Episode#16 "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes."
Episode#17 "Lardraptors!"
Episode#18 "Go Folk Yo' Mama!"
Episode#19 "The Platetrix."
Episode#20 "In Space no one can Hear you Order Pizza."
Episode#21 "Deepwater Yak."
Episode#22 "Yak trek."
Episode#23 "Planet of the crepes."
Episode#24 "Dude Where's my Comedy Plot Conventions?."

Volume 4: Unconventional

Episode#25 "A Clockwork Beansprout."
Episode#26 "The Long Awaited Explaination."
Episode#27 "Ten things I hate about 'funny' cartoon crossovers."
Episode#28 "The Plan."

Volume 5: Happy Endings

Episode#29 "We're off to See a Werewolf..."
Episode#30 "The Yak and the Beansprout."
Episode#31 "The fellowship of the Thing."
Episode#32 "The one Where the Cast of Friends do Nothing and the Cast of IBYKS do little more."
Episode#33 "Meet your Yak."
Episode#34 "The Laughing Yak."
Episode#35 "Lord of the Thing(s)."
Episode#36 "Extra Extra Special with Magic, Cheese and Tesco."
Episode#37 "Faeries and Werewolves and Yaks, oh My!."
Episode#38 "IBYKS The animated feature film."
Episode#39 "The return of the Parents of the Children."
Episode#40 "Events Concluding Those which Preceeded."
Episode#41 "The Chips of WRATH!."
Episode#42 "In which Cabbage has Angst."
Episode#43 "Heaven is a Shoeshop."
Episode#44 "The Importance of being Soulless."
Episode#45 "Vinyl fantasy."

Volume 6: Killing Time

Episode#46 "Where is My Happy Ending...?"
Episode#47 "The Books of Faerie."
Episode#48 "Back to the Future from the Past..."
Episode#49 "The Time and Space of the Old Dude with the 'tache."
Episode#50 "Sprout, Flib, Yakky & J's Excellent Adventure."
Episode#51 "The Nerds The Nerds!"
Episode#52 "The Land of Reality."
Episode#53 "Ordinary (boring) World."
Episode#54 "Smoke and Mirrors."
Episode#55 "Some things we hate about Clones."
Episode#56 "I've got no Idea what you did Last Summer..."
Episode#57 "The Shoe Towers."
Episode#58 "Pizza is a dish best Served Cold."
Episode#59 "Sprout's Masked Replica."
Episode#60 "Curiouser and Curiouser..."
Episode#61 "Not another Season Finale?."

Volume 7: Intertextuality

pisode#62 "Faerietale."
Episode#63 "When Narrative Functions Turn Bad..."
Episode#64 "Jack, the Beanstalk, The Beauty, The Beast, The Witch, The Wardrobe and Will."
Episode#65 "Its a Good Li(f)e."
Episode#66 "The one with Four Titles..."
Episode#67 "The B Team."
Episode#68 "Narnia Has Nothing on this..."
Episode#69 "Clash of the Heroines."
Episode#70 "To Infinity and Beyond."
Episode#71 "The Thingwraith."
Episode#72 "Ghostmom."
Episode#73 "And all that Black Widow Crap Jazz."
Episode#74 "I've got a theory..."
Episode#75 "Magical Girl- Pretty Scary."
Episode#76 "Wheels within Wheels within Wheels- ARGH!"
Episode#77 "J's Story."
Episode#78 "Irrevocably Broken."

Volume 8: Loose Ends

Episode#79 "Lots of things Begin With Dee."
Episode#80 "Adventures in Slumberland."
Episode#81 "The One with the Revelation."
Episode#82 "Artificial Life Sucks.com."
Episode#83 "Saving Beansprout's Brain."
Episode#84 "The Road is Folking Hard..."
Episode#85 "The One with Gender Issues."
Episode#86 "Disneyland."
Episode#87 "(DEMON)Llama Llama Llama..."
Episode#88 "Perspective."
Episode#89 "Me, Myself and Ai."
Episode#90 "Wedding Cake or Death."
Episode#91 "Real Life.or Pizza, With Extra Cheese."


Episode#92 "Prologue in Manga Form."
Episode#93 "Curtain Opens."
Episode#94 "Trailer for series six."
Episode#95 "A nepalese Werewolf in London."(Flashback story, prelude to series eight)
Episode#96 "Fantasy Life Sucks."
Episode#97 "Credits Roll."
Episode#98 "IBYKS Companion (Part 1)."
Episode#99 "IBYKS Companion (Part 2)."
Episode#100 "IBYKS Companion (Part 3)."

Episode #87 "(Demon) Llama Llama Llama Llama MUSHROOM MUSHROOM!" By Ally

[First of all~ yay for working the word 'weeble' into the episode. I've been reading lots of Harry Potter, so it'll probably end up in here. My current bets are that in the end Neville will make a heroic self-sacrifice, and Malfoy, defying the clear-cut stereotypes of children's literature, will turn good at the last minute…. But maybe I just like too much emotional conflict and death in everything I read.

Flelen was beating the Llama into outsized, carnivorous pulp, whilst Fjen stood around on the sidelines making sarcastic comments that were in fact a demoralising charm aimed at making the Llama cry, when a trio of people in very strange clothes and a small fox-like child ran up and joined the fray.
"The Shikon shard's between his eyes!" Kagome shouted, and Sango threw her boomerang, hitting the Llama squarely on its forehead. A small shiny something went flying, and the Llama suddenly reverted to a dromedary with an identity crisis and a thirst for power. Flelen caught the shard.
"Ooh! Shiny!"
"That's mine!" Inu-Yasha struggled comically at the ropes and fell over sideways.
"Fair lady," Miroku said, materialising in front of Flelen, "if you give us the shard I shall give you the honour of bearing my-"
There was a crumpling sound as Miroku collapsed under the combined punches of Fjen and Sango.
"Can we have it though?" Sango asked politely.
"I don't have it," said Flelen. [she does this]
"Yes you do."
"I don't have your pretty, shiny jewel, and I certainly haven't swallowed it."
"Oh no! You'll turn all evil and powerful!" Kagome said with a gasp, "Quick! Put your fingers down your throat!"
"Actually," said Flelen with a smirk, "I think I might implement my plan for world domination."
She flexed her imp wings, which were growing larger and more leathery by the second, shouldered her 'surprise' sign (which now read 'YOU'D BETTER WATCH OUT…') and launched herself into the sky.
"Exciting fun!" Fjen said, and followed.
"Interesting…" mused WILL as he watched.
* * *
They had waited several minutes after Beansprout's last line, which in Flib's despairing brain was tantamount to "It's a million to one chance…" or "like that'll ever happen…" for inciting large scale trouble.
"Guess not," she added finally, "Which makes a nice change…"
"How can we not be dangerous?" J asked, "after all, "We're a standard heroic group, of the kind found in a long-running series, comprising of Heroine, Knowledgeable Sidekick, Love Interest, Rival, lovable Rogue and er… me. [or according to Toderov's model, think that was his name, Hero, Gift, Prize, False Hero…and… the other ones in that narrative model that I can't remember]. And then, when we consider the range of magical abilities-"
At this point he broke off because Flibbage had knocked him out with her clip board, and was now crouched suspiciously eyeing his prone figure.
"Chill," said Bobjim, "Guy was right, after all…"
"Bobjim, You haven't been with us for a long time," said Beansprout, "but when J is right, everything else is very, very wrong."
"Anyone got a plan?" Said Yakky hopefully looking around, "I think, seeing as we found the Disney land photo, we ought to go there and-"
"Yeah, you wish," Beansprout glanced at Flib. "I think we should sort out all our time paradoxes before it gets any more complicated.
"Yeah, 'cause escaping with non-existent semtex could be tricky," Flib agreed, and summoned some. "Back in a minute," she said;
"Send me back in time some way,
a year or two before today,"

Beansprout continued searching the debris, in the vain hope of finding a convenient clue that would lead them straight to the Big Pricks' HQ, or list their identities or give useful hints on how best to hack them into tiny pieces. After a while, Yakky wandered over to help.
"What are you looking for?"
"Um-clues. About where the blasted CPU might be."
Yakky lowered his voice. "Why do you think J's suddenly so smart?"
"Must be something to do with WILL. Maybe because they share DNA, they're linked somehow, and J gets some of his omniscience."
"Absolute Knowledge. Whereas your A.I spends all his time asleep which explains a lot," Beansprout muttered, then saw Yakky's expression, "Sorry."
"Its not that," said Yakky picking something up, "I'm used to you being rude to me, but look at this." He held out his hand, in it was something small, green and expertly designed. Flibbage's shoe.
"Folk," said Beansprout quietly.
* * *
it hadn't taken Flibbage long to plant the Semtex, and she'd jumped forward in time while wondering if Disneyland had maximum as well as minimum height restrictions (something of a problem when one's height is either seven feet or six inches), because she wasn't concentrating she undershot by 24 hours.
There were people on the other side of the room, Flibbage immediately reverted to miniature size, and hid under a toaster, peeping out to watch them.
"Watch the dress idiot!"
"Sorry Fred!"
D'Arcie and Oddball, thought Flibbage. The Big pricks were only one step ahead.
"I don't see why we need this," a man's voice growled. Ooh, unknown member thought Flib, and tried to get a better look.
"Because, my dear, you can't just hit the A.I until it does what it's told. And we don't want those kids to get their greasy paws on it."
There was a clattering as they headed towards the door, then the man paused.
"What is it?" said D'Arcie as if she found this member of the group particularly offensive.
He sniffed the air. Flib didn't even have time to move when he pounced.

"The elf is certainly taking her time," sniffed Dee caustically.
"Something's happened," said Beansprout.
"What makes you say that?" said J, who had come round, and was playing battleships with Bobjim, as you do.
"Flibbage would never willingly discard her shoe; it's one of the Regal Kitten Heels. They're priceless.
Dee, suddenly looking thoughtful, came over. She picked up the shoe and sniffed it.
"I bloody knew it!" she exclaimed.
"He said he was infiltrating them!"
"Lance!" Dee snapped, "My idiot ex!"
* * *
After Dee had explained about Lance, making Yakky look embarrassed, and Beansprout furious, she went on to explain about the pack's efforts against the NGSPIB.
"We found out the only organization they had any fear of was this mysterious group called the Big Pricks."
"And the Girl Guide Association," J added.
Everyone stared. "Why dude?" asked Bobjim.
"They know too much…" said J darkly.
"-Anywaaay, much as Lance would have loved to infiltrate the Girl Guides, we sent him to the Big Pricks, to try and steer them round to our agenda."
"Geez, is everyone trying to screw over someone else?" Yakky muttered.
"He said he'd become a full member… then Yakky beat the crap out of him, so I just assumed he'd left."
"Whats this got to do with Flib," Yakky asked, quick as ever on the uptake.
"It's obvious," Beansprout said. "This Lance becomes a member of the Big Pricks-"
"-the Big Pricks want to take control of something to do with computers, so naturally they let a werewolf take care of it-" Dee continued.
"-Flib would try and find out when the Big Pricks took the CPU, so we'd have a lead to follow up-"
"Lance would have smelt her, and he hates faeries-"
"-so Flib's gone and got herself kidnapped," Beansprout concluded, then she and Dee refused to look at each other for several minutes.

"What are we going to do?" Asked J, "are we gonna get that weird world collapsing in on itself effect from series four? Do we need a stand-in?"
"I have a vague idea," said Beansprout, concentrating with the elvish half of her brain, "That it's okay, so long as we're on a rescue mission because… um…"
"The plot still contains a focus on Flib," supplied J, looking as if he had no idea what the words coming out of his mouth actually meant.
"Yeees…" said Beansprout, "Forgive me if I never tell you anything WILL might find useful, J."
"I'll forgive you, but it still stings."
"Okay!" Beansprout shoved the shoe under Dee's nose. "Follow the scent Dog-girl!"
"Excuse me?"
"Oh forgive me. Follow this Folking scent or I'll make you wish you'd never been whelped."
"Harsh dude," said Bobjim, "but fair."
* * *
Flibbage woke up, still tiny and distinctly nauseous. She opened her eyes to find herself in an iron birdcage. The Big Pricks, not knowing that all they needed was a jam jar or other small receptacle, had gone for the multi-purpose Faery containment device.
"Hi small Fred!" said a cheerful voice.
"Oddball! Curse you, you treacherous traitor!"
Whilst she was raging against Oddball, Flib was also trying to surreptitiously work out where she was. Unfortunately, with her magic cancelled by the cage, 'white room with no windows' was about as specific as she could get, and not very helpful.
The five Big Pricks [what, you expected six of them? Hohoho, subversive…] were sitting round a table drinking tea, apart from Phil who had a milkshake. Jenenchilada assumed she was looking at the tea, and offered her some.
"Hah! I wouldn't touch your filthy filth!" muttered Flib, and sat down with her back to them.
"Isn't she going to ask where she is, and why she's here?" asked the werewolf boy, disgruntled.
"Apparently not, Darling." D'Arcie replied, speaking as one would to a mentally underdeveloped child.
"As if I can't guess," Flib muttered sarcastically, "this is the Big Pricks HQ and you brought me here because I saw too much."
"No actually," said D'Arcie, sipping her tea gracefully.
"Well, we've had rather a lot of trouble with this WILL, as it's taken to calling itself. Its very uncooperative."
"No shit."
"And of course there's our plan to Take over Faerie and use it as a platform to conquer the entire multiverse."
"You'll never get away with it… bitch." The iron was affecting Flibbage's ability to backchat, she wished Sprout was there.
"So we thought we'd kill two birds with one stone."
"Hang on," Flibbage was getting a nasty feeling of forebodance.
"This is one of our many secret bases, situated below starbucks. Here we're safe from WILL's influence, and we've been quickly preparing something to use against him."
"If you can't keep one A.I under control, how the hell are you gonna control something better than it? I despair of you guys sometimes."
"Very easily," said D'Arcie with her usual blind narcissism, and pressed a small red button next to the plate of custard creams. A wall slid back revealing a gagged Bill Gates [minus his cowboy hat][I still don't understand why you made him a cowboy] feverishly tapping away at a huge supercomputer. "There's always a link between the A.I and the original DNA source." She narrowed her eyes at Flib. "Bill! Activate the device!"
Bill, terrified pressed another red button.
"Oh you didn't… You Folking idiots!" shouted Flib as a beam of light shot out of the computer and formed into a hologram of herself.

[Apologies for twisting the subplot and indeed plot into utter randomness yet again. At least I didn't kill anyone horribly. ][I actually think it was kind of predictable, you know, Big Evil<Bigger Evil<Absolute Evil. Antichrist? Pah… tame.]