Cherry: Permanent Record

Full Name:Steve Lewis.


D. O. B: 23rd March.

Species: Human.

Place of Birth: Basingstoke .

Next of Kin (to be contacted in case of accident): Ted Lewis(Yeah, except probably don't bother).

School:Marketable Magic.

Reasons for Joining:To be a magical warrior for love and justice, that's why.


Psychological Profile:Cherry has the makings of an excellent Magical Boy, but needs to find the confidence to choose his friends more wisely. However, I can't wait to see his classmate's faces when they realise he's as straight as an arrow. Note: not the reaction that I expected, but an interesting one nonetheless. I wonder what this means for the future of the School of Marketable Magic?


H. R. H. Flibbage of Faerie

Teacher's Comments: Cherry isn't the most talented Magical Girl I've ever taught, but then, he has started off with a little bit of a handicap...


Dulcet Angel Christine


End-of-year report *MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR CH1-12!*


Steve has come a long way since his first year at the dojo. Breaking away from Sparkle has been a big step, and he seems to have made up for his past mistakes, at least in the eyes of certain other students.



I've made a lot of decisions that I thought would make my life easier, but all they did was make it miserable. The whole Pirate debacle taught me how much better everything is when I face up to the difficult stuff rather than leaping out the nearest window.