Claudia: Permanent Record

Full Name: Claudia Nichols.


D. O. B:12th January.


Place of Birth:London.

Next of Kin (to be contacted in case of accident):Chris Nichols (Father).

School:Kung Shoe.

Reasons for Joining:I was spotted by one of Princess Flibbage's scouts after knocking out one of my team-mates at a school rounders match. They offered me a place at the dojo, and I thought - hell, it beats school.


Psychological Profile: Claudia provides some much-needed stability in the Kung Shoe group. Faerie hasn't phased her at all - she's still as down-to-earth as she was in the mortal realm, and, along with Phneighly, provides a counterpoint to less sane classmates, like Liame and Jin.

H. R. H. Flibbage of Faerie

Teacher's Comments: Claudia may not have grown up in Faerie, but she has adapted wonderfully, and is by far my most competent Kung Shoe student.


End-of-year report   *MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR CH1-12!*


Claudia demonstrated excellent leadership in the quest to the Emerald City - clearly her extra lessons have been paying off. Hopefully next year will work out just as well for her.


No offense but I'm hoping for this to be my final year here at the dojo. I've learned nearly everything I can, and I want to get back to England. I learned a lot about being a team leader on our mission- it's much harder than it is in theory.