Iordan: Permanent Record

Full Name:Iordan d'Eyatchun.


D. O. B:16th March.


Place of Birth: The Soapfruit Coast.

Next of Kin (to be contacted in case of accident):Nari d'Eyatchun, mother.

School:Indiscriminate Whacking.

Reasons for Joining:I get to play with swords, hammers and giant sticks. Do I need a better reason?


Psychological Profile:

Indiscriminate Whacking tends to attract a certain kind of man - fortunately, Iordun isn't one of them. He's too modest to be the knight in shining armour, and definitely not tortured enough to be an anti-hero - something that might prove useful. I have never met an elf more spectacularly unaware of the tropes happening around him.

H. R. H. Flibbage of Faerie

Teacher's Comments:

Iordun isn't a natural, but he learns quickly and well. A little more practice with the axe wouldn't go amiss, but his swordplay has improved this term.

Lars Kovak

End-of-year report *MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR CH1-12!*



Things could go one of two ways for Iordun at the moment. If he manages to hold on to the courage and resourcefulness he displayed in the Emerald City, he won't have too many problems coping with his new condition. If he doesn't...



What do mean 'if he doesn't' I'm fine! Really!