Jimmy Jacobs: Permanent Record

Full Name:James Edward Jacobs.


D. O. B:27th April.


Place of Birth: Northampton .

Next of Kin (to be contacted in case of accident):My mum Tilda Jacobs.

School:The School of Overrated Destructive Metal Robots. But I’m campaigning for a name change, because I really think they’re not that overrated.

Reasons for Joining:I’d never have had the chance to work with such amazing machines anywhere else. The Mortal Realm just doesn’t have this kind of technology, it’s all outmoded concepts like

NOTE: The rest of this statement has been edited for annoying technobabble.

H.R.H. Flibbage of Faerie.



Psychological Profile:When he first arrived at the dojo, Jimmy was a fairly pleasant, if incredibly shy, young man. Unfortunately the laws of generics seem to have taken a particularly heavy toll on him, and he is now one of the more annoying mecha-boy stereotypes – an insecure, whiny wreck.


H. R. H. Flibbage of Faerie

Teacher’s Comments:Jimmy’s work is progressing well this year – his robot doesn’t usually require more than four reboots before it will start properly, and it has only got seriously out of control twice this term.



End-of-year report *MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR CH1-12!*

I'm surprised Jimmy's still alive. Pleasantly surprised, that is. He did far better than anyone was expecting in the battle against the pirates, and hopefully separating him from M3H-13 will help him develop even further.


I can't believe everyone seriously thought I was going to die...