Nic: Permanent Record

Full Name: Nicola Martin

Age: 16

D.O.B: 14th October

Species: Human

Place of Birth: Up North.

Next of Kin: My dad, Martin Martin

School: Destructive and Overrated Robots (but they're not overrated, I love them!)

Reasons for Joining: The robots sounded like so much fun to work with - and they are, when they don't explode... or make other things explode.


Psychological Profile:

Nic is that rarest of things, a mecha girl without horrible emotional scars. She's helped some of the other mecha students with previously insurmountable problems, like talking to girls.

HRH Flibbage of Faerie

Teacher's Comments:

Nic doesn't seem to understand that a robot can be used for evil as well as good. This is a real shame.


End-of-year report *MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR CH1-12!*


While the other students were away, Nicola occupied herself by building an android cast of her favourite shojo anime and re-enacting various episodes. If she doesn't complete the series, I'm going to go above Hack's head and fail her.


There's so much more to it than that! It's not just an anime, there's also a manga, and these novels and drama-cds and some of the voice actors formed a pop-group... I've got all their songs here in SH1ll_5's mp3 database, let me play them for you, it's so amazing you'll be hooked! There's this one girl that-