"Pretty Princess Sparkle": Permanent Record

Full Name:Simone Angelina Legarce.




D. O. B:30th June.


Species:Human, obviously.


Place of Birth: Stratford upon Avon .


Next of Kin (to be contacted in case of accident):My father, Sebastien Legarce.


School:The School of Marketable Magic , although I resent that name.


Reasons for Joining:I believe talents are there to be used. Unfortunately, many people in the Mortal Realm don't feel the same way. I really had very little choice about coming to study in Faerie, although I must admit it does have its compensations.


Psychological Profile:My first impression of Sparkle was that she was a charming, highly intelligent and talented young woman. This is completely true. Sadly, she is also a manipulative little bitch who thoroughly deserves to be taken down a peg or two a somewhat difficult pupil.


Folking impartiality rule ...


H. R. H. Flibbage of Faerie



Teacher's Comments:


Sparkle is a charming, highly intelligent and talented young woman, and an absolute joy to teach.


Dulcet Angel Christine


End-of-year report   *MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR CH1-12!*


...Oh. Oh crap, they left her there, didn't they?