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Having spent my summer as promised beavering away on comics, we will have 2 new print books ready for MCM October- Black Market Magic Chapters 1-3 will be collected in a full colour perfect bound book, as will Cherry chapters 6-7. These books will be availabel in the shop as soon as we get them delivered, with discounts to our patreons supporters! talking of which, we've added another arrow to our Patreon bow, with followers at the $4 level recieving chapters of 'InubuYAKasha 2020: A Reckless Retcon'-in which we revisit the raging trashfire that began our whole expanded universe and try to bring it kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Meet Beansprout and Yakky, who will one day be fearsome adventurers and parents of our favourite flailing protagonist, Flibbage, a recent graduate of faerie school who has a lot to learn about being the Faerie Godmother, and Jay a disillusioned government agent on a quest for Pizza. Together they will battle Time, Space, Death, Cliches... and possibly still get framed for blowing up Disneyland.

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Conventions 2018:
MCM London Comic Con October 26th-28th table CV6
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