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IMPORTANT UPDATE! Call for beta readers over at my blog, check it out!

After a brilliant and busy couple of weekends at conventions, Team Footloose is off the road until autumn. Read about our adventures here!

I'm offering free copies of my YA novel, Spider Circus, to anyone willing to write an honest review (and post said review on Amazon or Smashwords). And I do mean honest - I genuinely do not mind if you don't like the book or think there are things that need improving. I'm not at all precious about my writing.

If you're interested, email me and I'll send you a copy!

Read Alice's short stories at Smashwords and Amazon, and keep track of updates via her Facebook group and her blog.

Enjoy Footloose updates and the ramblings of a gin-soaked mind? Then follow Ally on Twitter!

We now seem to have all the page errors fixed except for the castpage- our continued apologies for its absence, as soon as we figure out *why* it won't load, we'll get it fixed but currently it is resisting all attempts to load text files like it used to. if anyone has any bright ideas, feel free to email in by clicking on my name above the image here!

Advance warning, for any readers who have joined us this year, we do not post comics during december. This is because everybody needs a break sometimes, and to work on the site some more! 

 We've got one convention left to attend this year- Leeds Thought Bubble on the 15th 16th November. This is the UKs premier indie comic event, where unlike the lovely but very crowded London Comic Con there are no movie, gaming or merch stands, but instead nothing but comics, comics comics! There's also some fantastic guests, so make sure you check it out if you can! 

I am still taking fundraising commissions as part of my drive to save up for a new laptop. Any single figure is £20, get in contact on DA, Facebook or via email if you'd like to commission one! if you'd like to see what i've done so far check out my page Gingerbreadart

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