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I have become a cliche (well, more so than before). I am writing this blog while sitting in the most hipsterish cafe in Oxford, tapping away on my laptop, and watching nearly every other customer do the same thing.

Writing is a strange process. Sometimes I can write just fine up in my attic. These are good days, because I don't end up spending a fortune on expensive coffee - I can scramble up and down the ladder making myself several Thermos flasks of tea (I drink an awful lot of tea). But, some days, I need to be out. I can't focus unless, paradoxically, I'm surrounded by distractions - people to watch, music to listen to, things to eat and drink that I don't have at home. Days like these are more expensive - but they help get the work done.

The work I'm doing at the moment is many and varied. I'm writing Footloose and Cherry scripts, and two novels - the sequel to Spider Circus, and Sigyn, a novel about the Norse gods. I've also set myself a challenge to enter at least one writing competition per month. This month involved writing a sonnet about Hel (one of the Norse pantheon - I'm on a bit of a Prose Edda kick at the moment). And then there's my blog, which this week explains why I am a bit of a terrible date. But, after spending months working on just my thesis, I'm loving the variety.

I'm offering free copies of my YA novel, Spider Circus, to anyone willing to write an honest review (and post said review on Amazon or Smashwords). And I do mean honest - I genuinely do not mind if you don't like the book or think there are things that need improving. I'm not at all precious about my writing.

If you're interested, email me and I'll send you a copy!

Read Alice's short stories at Smashwords and Amazon, and keep track of updates via her Facebook group and her blog.

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And another month has flown by before I do a blog post... what a slacker. Updates to the site: I've added a new portfolio site to showcase some of my art in a more neat way than my DevArt page, you can click on the links here, or get to it through clicking on the gallery button on the Nav bar. We've also decided to add an extra date to our convention schedule- If we can get through the new curation process we'll be making a second appearance at Leeds Thought Bubble! So whilst we won't be making it to some of Scotland or Ireland's cons this year, we will at least get out of London one more time. Chapter 15 of footloose has now finished, so we'll be hoping to debut that in print at MCM May expo if you're hoping to get hold of a copy! With possibly only one or two more chapters of cherry left to go before his story finishes, we'll be hoping to gather the whole thing into one big collection in print, but I'm not sure how spensive it will beto produce so we'll see about that. we'll also be making another footloose collection, possibly around chapter 18, or page 650, depending on numbers.
Conventions this year will be:

MCM EXPO may- Confirmed
London Film and Comic Con- Confirmed
MCM Manchester- Confirmed
MCM EXPO October
Leeds Thought Bubble

I am still taking fundraising commissions as part of my drive to save up for a new laptop. Any single figure is £20, get in contact on DA, Facebook or via email if you'd like to commission one! if you'd like to see what i've done so far check out my page Gingerbreadart

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